Dubai IHF 2011

We want to thank you for your visit to our STAND at the 37th World Hospital Congress IHF DUBAI 2011. At the time we were visited by directors of hospitals, doctors, teachers, medical products distributors, investors and public health authorities of countries from all continents. We want to express our gratitude to everyone who attended and heard with their important presence.

DINATEC is a leading global provider of onsite oxygen generators solutions. We propose a cooperation between ours companies with the creation of an alliance for the conquest of the cost reduction. Producing all oxygen necessary for the Hospital under your direction.

DINATEC has a line of highly successful sales and lease! USIOX Medical oxygen generator onsite. We want to provide the results your company offering the right Usiox for each Hospital.

As Director CEO would like to propose DINATEC conduct feasibility studies and analyze the various options we have before us to redesign the current system of oxygen supply.

Dinatec have the confidence of more than 1000 customers worldwide offering equipment, parts and training services for operators and maintenance technicians for several hospitals worldwide.

Our commercial offer includes the design phase of equipment for each of the hospitals involved in producing their own oxygen on demand and purity that they need.

Many incredible results generated by customers who have purchased or lease. The USIOX is the most reliable and easy operation and maintenance oxygen generator in the world.

The major components like compressors and filters are CE sign for European community. All pressure storage tanks are ASME code construction. The Usiox Oxygen concentrator is made with high quality components and exclusive high energetic efficiency molecular sieve.

We want to install a USIOX at yours hospital and keep it running forever. For this we are always innovating in alliance with the clients machine providing an high quality and competitive machine. We seek for a long-term partnership with our customers, suppling gas generation solutions for medical oxygen, medical compressed air and medical vacuum.

Confira como foi a participação da Dinatec na 37ª  World Hospital Congres Dubai IHF 2011.

“We will install the right medical oxygen onsite generator for your Hospital, in a longterm partneship with great operational results for your institution “